Early Steps to School Success

Early Steps to School Success is a language development and pre-literacy program designed by Save the Children for children pre-birth to age 5 in rural communities. Read to Grow has brought this highly successful intervention to New Haven, as a partner of Save the Children and in the program’s only adaption to a cityscape. Early Steps aims to prepare young children in at-risk families for school success, beginning their first day of kindergarten.

Early Steps is a culturally relevant, early childhood education service for pregnant women and children birth to age 5 in families with several risk factors, including low-incomes and poverty.

The program assists voluntarily enrolled families through biweekly home visits, regular parent-child groups and book exchanges at schools, and through community events. An Early Steps Specialist works with staff trained in best practices who are based at elementary schools.


  • Children will enter school with skills necessary for school success.
  • Parents will have the skills and knowledge to be their children’s first teacher and support their education.
  • Home/school connections will be strong, and children will be prepared for a smooth transition to school.
  • Early childhood knowledge and skills in the community will be increased.